The observation is striking

The observation is strikingAccording to an IFOP survey, 4 out of 5 people suffer from low back pain in their lifetime. Low back pain, commonly known as "back pain", is the source of daily handicap for many people.

DreamSac™ Large Memory Foam bean bag

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Machine washable


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Machine washable


Delivered in 48h

Comfort and softness

DreamSac beanbags are comfortable and soft. Our secret? A blend of fiber and thick, soft foam, specially designed for your well-being.

Sustainable materials

To reduce our impact on the environment and reduce waste production, our products are partly made from recycled materials.

A relaxing cocoon

The design of the products in the DreamSac range has been thought out to provide a real sense of well-being.

An iron health

By promoting rest and sleep, our poufs actively help physical recovery, day and night!

As proof
One-third of those surveyed had to limit or temporarily stop their work because of neck or lower back pain. To combat low back pain, doctors recommend several methods:


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