Interior design trends: winter 2022

Dreamsac has prepared just for you the top interior design trends for this winter 2022!

An aging decoration? A desire for change and to treat yourself with new furniture? The winter fashion of 2022 will have a lot of changes to offer you.

This year, a well-known color is back in fashion: taupe. Forsaken for the warm ecru tone, this time the taupe color makes its comeback to bring a friendly side to your interior spaces. Although this color may give you the impression that it will be difficult to reconcile with your basic decoration, it actually blends very well with other warm colors. With browns and grays, or other coppery colors, this taupe color creates a cocooning atmosphere throughout your home!

Also, this tone goes very well with marine or green colors, like a beautiful olive green. More colorful, this kind of interior will be very modern but especially chic.

For small furniture, the trend is definitely towards sustainable objects. In these times of ecological awareness, sustainable materials are back in fashion. As a result, ceramics, wood or stone are sold by the thousands, especially second hand. With these eco-responsible materials, it is quite possible to create a natural and plant-based atmosphere, for example in the living room. The many plant fibers can be used to make different decorative objects such as lampshades or flower pots.

To continue in this cosy atmosphere, linen is very popular this winter. As a comforter cover, linen has long been very popular, but this year it is available in curtains! By opting for linen curtains in light and amber tones, comfort and warmth are guaranteed in the house.

Velvet is also a key material for this winter 2022. In adornment of sofa, armchair or even curtains, velvet and its different tones animate our interiors.

For design in general, this winter we do not skimp on the curves! A carpet with moving and dynamic lines, asymmetrical mirrors, curved vases, etc.

Also, we do not forget the essential element: light. To bring out the warmth of natural materials, simply place the light strategically. In the kitchen or in the living room, the lights are a real object of decoration. Especially in winter, it seems essential to light well to avoid falling into the depression of storms and winter rain. This year, the fashion is for large suspensions. The light is then widely diffused and well proportioned in the whole room.

It is always possible to opt for smaller table lamps, which in addition to lighting you constitute a real asset for your decoration! Do not hesitate to assemble them on the same shelf or table. The must-have of the 2022 table lamps is the "mushroom" lamp. Available in glass or metal, it brings a retro look to our interiors.

Always in terms of light, the candlestick is making a comeback! Classic and old-fashioned or more modern in ceramic or glass, the candlestick is a decorative asset with which we play on sizes by alternating small, medium and large candlesticks.

With this natural and vegetal mood, what could be better than to bring the real nature in your house? Plants are also making a comeback indoors. In all the rooms of the house, plants are either in pots directly on the floor or in suspensions. The naturalness of plants will break the spirit of a wooded interior. Small plant on a bedside table or large plant in the living room, we do not hesitate and we invest our interior of green!

Now that you have all the keys in hand for a fashionable interior design for winter 2022, we think about comfort.

In winter, the cold and gloomy weather can quickly get us down, but at Dreamsac we don't let it get us down!

Our large, extra-comfortable XXL pouf will keep you warm all winter long. After a long day, what could be better than lying down comfortably in a memory foam pouf? The large footstool follows the curves of the body and guarantees maximum comfort. Available in white, grey or brown, the giant pouf will blend perfectly with the trendy interior decor of winter 2022.

Don't hesitate and combine comfort and fashionable decoration to enjoy the winter at home!

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