Why choose memory foam products?

Memory foam products have become the darling of bedding. These innovative, high-end products provide unparalleled comfort and guarantee a restful sleep.

Memory foam products, such as mattresses or pillows, are based on a composition of viscoelastic and heat-sensitive foams. These materials react to body heat when the user sleeps, so the material will gradually soften to fit the shape of the body or head. Memory foam products also adapt to any change in position since, when the user moves, the material returns to its initial shape and adapts to the new position.

This innovation is a great success with those who seek to improve the quality of their sleep, the time of a nap or for the night. Indeed, the viscoelastic material adapts to the shape of the body while remaining quite firm. Moreover, the viscoelastic foam, when it supports the weight of the body, hugs each part of the body to adapt perfectly. Once the foam is no longer under pressure, it naturally returns to its original shape. These elastic materials are also very resistant to wear.

Also, the memory foam has the characteristic of being thermosensitive. As a result, the body heat of the sleeper is captured by the foam which then adapts to this temperature.

For absolute comfort, it is recommended to use memory foam products in a setting with a temperature between 64°F and 71°F. The warmer the temperature, the softer the heat-sensitive foam will become, while cooler temperatures will make the foam firmer.

Memory foam products also allow for the distribution of pressure points. This means that once you lie on this type of product, the pressure of the body will be shared on the whole mattress or pillow in order to avoid any backache or neck pain. In fact, health professionals recommend this type of product for orthopedic care. Memory foam prevents muscle stiffness and relieves many joint diseases.

The quality of memory foam products also depends on several other criteria.

The density of the foams in your new memory foam mattress or pillow must be carefully controlled. This density is the main criterion for the durability of your product. Also, the density of the foams influences the firmness of the product. Experts recommend opting for a viscoelastic foam with a density of 110 lbs and a thickness of 3 inch. It is also interesting to choose a product equipped with a second polyurethane foam, capable of providing good internal ventilation.

When purchasing your new memory foam product, it is necessary to consider the quality of the mattress, which will determine its life span. The mattress must be able to provide a long and restful sleep and support the weight of its user.

There are also a few alternatives to memory foam. First, latex products are very durable and environmentally friendly. They fit the body just as well and are a bit more toned. Second, spring mattresses, often pocket springs, are another alternative to memory foam. However, note that this product is less durable. Finally, there are hybrid products that combine different materials. For example, a mattress can be composed of latex, polyurethane and pocket springs! These are very interesting because they offer a good rebound and efficient ventilation.

Memory foam products allow you to take care of your health and obtain a comfortable and restful sleep by promoting the alignment of your head and spine. These products also have the quality of being hypoallergenic. The accumulation of dust mites, dust and mold is therefore greatly limited.

The final advantage of memory foam products is that they reduce motion transfer. Therefore, pressure is distributed throughout the product and impacts are absorbed.

Now that memory foam products have no secrets for you, don't wait any longer to get your new mattress or pillow and enjoy a long and restful sleep!

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